The Ultimate Guide to Headsets: Everything You Need to Know666
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The Ultimate Guide to Headsets: Everything You Need to Know

Remote work is becoming increasingly common because it benefits both businesses and employees. The COVID-19 pandemic also increased the consideration of remote work, forcing many businesses to swiftly transition from a typical face-to-face work environment to a wholly remote workforce due to health and safety concerns.

However, as a remote worker, you will lose out on unplanned lunches, coffee dates, and unexpected conversations with your coworkers because you will not be physically present. This makes it more difficult to feel like a part of the team and to build deeper, more meaningful ties with your coworkers. 

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Numerous technologies are available for managing remote work that can assist you in closing communication gaps. A headset or headphones is one such tool that will help solve this problem.

Read on to learn more about headsets, factors to consider when choosing a headset, maintenance, etc.


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According to Coretech, 78% of those surveyed said headsets increase productivity.



Factors to Consider when Choosing a Headset

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The ideal office headset for you will ultimately depend on your specific needs. Different workplaces have extremely varying headset usage patterns, noise levels, proportions of hybrid work, and other characteristics.

Professional-grade headphones for office use come in a wide variety. You should consider the following while selecting the best one for your needs.


#1 Noise-cancellation

In shared housing, loud disruptions may need to be prevented so everyone on the call is comfortable. Active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones are the best option for reducing background noise so users can concentrate. Furthermore, thanks to noise-canceling microphones, people on the other end of the call may hear the speakers but not the background noise. 


#2 Hands-free Convenience

Hands-free convenience is a crucial quality when selecting a headset for remote work. While some workers still prefer to answer calls at their workstations, office workers increasingly use headsets while on the go. This saves them from having to end the call to speak with a coworker across the office or obtain a crucial document.

Investing in a Bluetooth headset that enables you to smoothly switch between two devices on the fly and connect wirelessly is a smart choice if you want maximum flexibility.


#3 Sound Quality

Another important consideration when selecting a headset for remote work is audio quality. The quality of the sound is definitely the most significant component. You cannot skimp on the audio quality since you will utilize your office headset for crucial business-related interactions. 

The best headset for the workplace features excellent stereo sound quality and call clarity. Advanced machine learning algorithms, such as EPOS AITM, are incorporated into certain headsets to enable them to automatically adjust to various sound environments and provide the best possible performance.


#4 Comfort

Comfort is truly an essential factor when selecting a headset. Since office headsets are frequently used for extended periods, ensuring user comfort is important. For this reason, searching for lightweight headsets specifically made to put the least strain on the ear is a smart option. 

Office headsets come with thick, plush leatherette ear pads to provide all-day comfort. 


#5 Discreet Design

For individuals who primarily engage in video calls, the headsets' appearance could be an extension of your presence and personality. For a more discreet wearing style, choose a headset with an over-the-ear design or a behind-the-neck design and earplugs.


#6 Compatibility with Different Devices

Compatibility with different devices is actually another factor to consider. Offices employ a variety of software and hardware products. Therefore, finding a professional office headset that integrates seamlessly with your current setup is essential. As a result, there will be fewer unanticipated problems, and IT administrators can easily manage the company's devices on a large scale. 

Office headsets are designed to be plug-and-play compatible with the most common UC platforms organizations use. The majority of them are also Microsoft Teams certified to guarantee genuinely flawless performance. 


#7 Ease of Use 

Headsets shouldn't cause problems in a busy office. Because of this, the greatest workplace headsets should be simple to use and intuitive, freeing up employees' time to concentrate on their tasks rather than figuring out how to operate their headsets.  

Choose business-class headsets that are made with the user's ease of use in mind. Some models have an easy-to-use teams button that lets users join meetings with just one click.


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Forbes opined that noise-cancelling headphones are a must if you work from home.



Different Types of Headsets

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Outstanding sound quality, sustainability, and style are combined in a wide selection of headset options, which include wireless, noise-canceling, over-ear, and earbud models. Some of the various types of headsets are as follows: 


#1 Over-Ear Headphones 

As the name implies, these headphones have huge ear cups that completely encircle the ears. Their adjustable headbands and cushioned ear cups make them incredibly comfortable. This type of headset is ideal for listening to music in a quiet place or losing yourself in your favorite game because of its immersive sound and noise isolation features.  


#2 Earbuds

For many people looking for ease and portability, earbuds are preferred. They are lightweight, portable, and small in size. Earbuds provide the ideal balance of fashion and practicality. These earbuds have Bluetooth connectivity, which makes for a seamless listening experience. They also produce excellent sound. They fit comfortably in your ears because of their ergonomic design and adjustable fit, which makes them ideal for running, traveling, or just listening to music on the go. 


#3 On-Ear Headphones 

Between the over-ear and earbud styles, on-ear headphones, also known as supra-aural headphones, offer a compromise. They provide a snug fit without completely covering the ear while resting pleasantly on the outer ear. This design keeps its small size while providing a well-balanced, natural sound quality.  

With their crystal-clear sound and unique design, these headsets guarantee that you won't have to give up the comfort of listening to good music. Their style is adaptable enough to be used daily for leisure, work, or education.

Because of the ambient awareness provided by the on-ear design, they are a secure option for outdoor activities requiring you to maintain awareness of your surroundings. Many music aficionados prefer on-ear headphones because of their blend of comfort, sound quality, and usefulness.


#4 Noise-Canceling Headphones

For music lovers, noise-canceling headphones offer a haven in an otherwise cacophonous world. These headphones actively cut out background noise so you can concentrate on the music without distraction. This type of headset combines the advantages of noise cancellation with environmentally friendly construction.

With their cutting-edge active noise-canceling technology, you may lose yourself in your auditory universe. Noise-canceling headphones provide an unmatched listening experience, whether you're traveling, working in a noisy workplace, or just trying to relax.


#5 Bluetooth-enabled Wireless Headphones 

There is no comparison to the mobility that wireless headphones provide. Bluetooth technology has completely transformed the way we experience audio. These headphones allow you to connect your devices wirelessly without the limitations of wires and cords. Wireless headphones are ideal for individuals who enjoy listening to music while on the go, as they come with an extended battery life and exceptional sound quality.



Advice for Caring for Your Headset

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A few simple, common sense procedures are needed to care for your headset properly. It doesn't require much exertion at all. All you need to do is follow a few easy routines. Your headphones' quality and lifespan can be greatly enhanced by adopting these few easy habits: 

  • Replace Parts Regularly
    • Replace the faulty part when you notice issues like buzzing, sound loss on one side, or worn-out cushions.
    • You don’t need to buy a new pair of headphones. Replacement parts are far less expensive than a new set and can extend the life of your headphones by several years.


  • Appropriate Storage
    • To keep your headphones safe, invest in a sturdy case. Whether you carry them in your purse or put them away in a drawer, the sturdy case will shield them from breaking or bending.
    • Additionally, it offers some shielding from the sun, wind, and other elements that may otherwise degrade the materials that make up your headphones.


  • Cleaning of Ear Cushions
    • You should give your headset a brisk wipe-down after each use.
    • The hem of your shirt can be used for this. All you're doing is attempting to remove any accumulated layer of perspiration and grime before it can absorb.
    • Wipe the cushions once a week (or less frequently if you don't use them that much) with a warm, soapy, moist cloth but not soaked.
    • Wipe softly; don't scrub or press down. Let them dry fully before putting them back on or away.


  • Protein Leather Conditioning
    • If your cushions are coated in protein leather, you should use a specific leather conditioner to maintain that coating.
    • To do this, you just have to wipe it using the same method you use for cleaning.
    • Limit yourself to doing this twice a year, as too much conditioning will result in molding.



Headset Know-How: Final Thoughts and Tips

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Given all of the advantages it offers both in-person and remotely, a headset is truly essential. In addition to being extremely comfortable to use for extended periods, the finest headsets for working from home have excellent noise reduction features. Thanks to the adequate audio profile, all-day battery life, and smooth audio and video calls are possible with such a headset. 


The Ultimate Guide to Headsets: Everything You Need to Know


The ideal office headset for you will ultimately depend on your specific needs. Different workplaces have extremely varying headset usage patterns, noise levels, proportions of hybrid work, and other characteristics. You need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each headset so you can choose the ideal listening device for your remote work environment.



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